Your First Visit

First visit with a plastic surgeon is very important for every patient. It helps in achieving the best possible results and prevents untoward effects of treatment.

In the first visit, your surgeon will ask many questions to understand the need for surgery, your concerns and expectations. Following the discussion, your surgeon will proceed with various examinations and test to assess:

  • Health status – Checking for any abnormalities or medical conditions that affect the treatment outcome
  • Eligibility for treatment
  • Expect the outcome and to determine the effects of treatment

Your surgeon collects medical history, performs physical examination and also orders certain diagnostic tests such as X-ray or photographs (from various angles) of the area to be treated.

Thus the first visit with cosmetic surgeon is crucial to help patients understand the possible risk and benefits of the procedure. It helps patients know the eligibility for procedure and making a decision in moving forward to cosmetic surgery.

First visit is also an opportunity for patients to get answers for all their questions, understand the benefits, risks & complications and also to prepare for the surgery.

Preparing for consultation

You can browse our website before your first appointment to familiarize yourself with our staff and facilities. You can obtain the patient registration form either from our website or from the reception. It needs to be filled before your consultation. You may note down the points you want to discuss with the doctor during your appointment. If you have poor concentration, memory problems or confusion, it may be better to bring someone along with you.

Make a list of your current medications. Kindly also bring all your previous medical records including the results of any previous tests. You will need to bring your letter of referral, medicare card, private health insurance membership card, pensioner card or Veterans’ affairs details.

A first consultation typically takes one hour, but may take more if the situation is complicated or if multiple procedures need to be discussed.

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