Which Implant is Best for Me?

Shaped Implants

Different looks can be achieved in a great majority of patients by using different size and shaped implants, and by placing them in different positions. The same volume breast implant will give a very different appearance after surgery depending on whether it is round or teardrop shaped. A round implant has an even distribution of its volume as it is the same in all directions. A teardrop shaped implant, on the other hand, has most of its volume in the lower half of the implant. This means that the round implant will appear smaller than an identical volume teardrop-shaped implant when looking at yourself in the mirror, front on. From front on, you will not notice the lack of fullness (and therefore volume) in the upper half. Most of the fullness will be in the lower half. This will make the same volume teardrop-shaped implanted breasts seem larger than the round implants.


Types of Implants

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