What Size is Best?

How Can I Get the Perfect Size Breast?

The perfect size in breast augmentation varies with every patient. Along with look, the most important question I ask is: “What cup size do you want to be?” In general, it is possible to have any cup size you want, but there will be limitations in some women depending on their skin, breast tissues and muscle as well as on their lifestyles. A very active and sporty woman will not tolerate the same size as someone with a less active or sporty life. Getting the perfect cup size requires choosing the right size implant with the right shape for you. This requires a thorough assessment and a lifetime of experience on the part of your surgeon.

How do I Choose the Right Size Implant?

To get the perfect look and cup size that you want requires choosing the right shape and size of the breast implant. Both the shape and the size will determine the final appearance. In general, most women that I see have a firm view on the look and size they want. They may remember their breasts when they were younger or pregnant or have friends with a similar build and appearance with breasts that they admire.

Cup sizes are classified as A, B, C, D, DD, E, EE and so on. These cup sizes reflect a look as much as a size because the actual size of the breast will vary with the patient’s build and even dress size. The bra size number reflects the chest size measured under the breasts and is usually close to the dress size.

To help you choose the right size implant from the hundreds of implants available requires a thorough understanding of what you’re trying to achieve, a thorough assessment of your dimensions, skin, breast and chest (you may have asymmetry of the ribcage, sunken chest or pigeon chest) and a lot of experience.

After listening to what you want, the most important step I do is taking measurements. These include height and weight, dress size and current bra size, the distance between the nipples, the distance from the bottom of the throat to the right and left nipples, the distance from the fold under the breast to the nipple, and the breast base width. Probably the most important of all for me is to establish the cleavage width you want, as this is our start point.

What Size Implants are Available?

There are hundreds of implants available with differing diameters and projections and fill as well as differing heights, widths and projections, if teardrop shaped. There are many breast implant companies, but I tend to use only 2 or 3 and generally prefer the US Mentor company.

Does the Implant Shape Affect my Choice of Size?

The same volume breast implant will give a very different appearance after surgery depending on whether it is round or teardrop shaped. A round implant has an even distribution of its volume as it is the same in all directions. A teardrop shaped implant, on the other hand, has most of its volume in the lower half of the implant. This means that the round implant will appear smaller than an identical volume teardrop-shaped implant when looking at yourself in the mirror front on. From front on, you will not notice the lack of fullness (and therefore volume) in the upper half. Most of the fullness will be in the lower half. This will make the same volume teardrop-shaped implanted breasts seem larger than the round implants.

How do my Body Proportions affect the Size of the Implant I want?

After the desired cup size, your body proportions are the most critically important measurements which will determine the perfect size implant for any particular woman.

Height and the distance from the bottom of the throat to each nipple will determine the ideal implant height so the implant appears centred vertically and not too low or too high.

The desired cleavage width and the breast base width will determine the width of the ideal implant so that the implant appears centred horizontally ensuring the cleavage you want, and ensuring the breast isn’t too narrow or too wide for your chest.

The height and width are obviously the same in the round implant. This means a compromise is often necessary.

Because height and width can be different in the teardrop shaped implant, this allows for a much greater range of choice.

Finally the hips need to be taken into consideration to create a balance between the upper and lower body. This may mean choosing a wider implant so as to give a more hourglass silhouette.

What Cleavage is Best?

I always ask my patient to show me the cleavage they want, but my personal belief is that the best looking cleavage is no wider than 2.5 centimetres and no narrower than 1.5 centimetres.

Can I Have Any Shape and Size of Implant?

In general, and within reason, you can have any shape or size but there are some women who will have limitations on what they can have. If the skin is overly tight or if it’s necessary to go under the muscle and it’s very tight, or if there is a very short inframammary fold to nipple-areola complex distance, then size may be limited to avoid the double bubble appearance. If the skin is overly loose or the breast is overly deflated or droopy after children or weight loss, but not enough to have breast uplift, then shape may be limited to the teardrop look.

How We Work?

At your first consultation, once I have established what look and size you want, I will examine your breasts and take measurements to determine how best to give you the look and size you want. Click here to know more.

Is My Age a Problem?

Age is usually not a problem: however, in the younger woman, the skin, breast tissue and muscle may be tighter, affecting the size increase that may be possible.

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