What Look Do I Want?

How can I get the Perfect Look?

The “perfect look” in breast augmentation is different in every patient. After size, the most important question I ask all my patients is: “What is the look you want?” It will depend on many things, including the size and shape of your breasts before surgery, your age, your skin type and breast tissue cover, whether you have gained and lost a lot of weight, and whether you have had children or breast fed? However, the most important point is the look you want to achieve.

What are my Choices?

In general, most women ask for a natural look: has she or hasn’t she had breast implants? However, there are also many women who ask for an augmented or even fake look. The majority, however, prefer a natural look, but there are choices in a natural look as well. Do you want a rounded natural look, with fullness in the upper breast, or a teardrop natural look, the classic French breast with most fullness in the lower breast? These different looks can be achieved in a great majority of patients by using different size and shaped implants, and by placing them in different positions.

Can I have any Shape or Size?

In general, it is possible to have any shape or size, but there will be limitations to both in some patients. If the skin is overly tight or if it’s necessary to go under the muscle and the muscle is very tight, or if there is a very short inframammary fold to nipple-areola complex distance, then size may be limited to avoid the double bubble appearance. If the skin is overly loose or the breast is overly deflated or droopy after child birth or weight loss, but not enough to have breast uplift, then shape may be limited to the teardrop look.

How we Work?

At your first consultation, once I have established what look you want, I will examine your breasts and take measurements to determine how best to give you the look you want.

Is Age Important?

Age may be important in achieving the look you want. Generally, the younger the patient, the more likely she will want rounded breasts with upper breast fullness. This may be a natural rounded look or may be a more fake look. Often younger women ask for a natural rounded look tending towards a fake look. The skin, breast tissue and muscle may be tighter in this group affecting the size increase that may be possible. In the over 30s, the preference is for a more natural teardrop or French breast, with more fullness in the lower breast and is certainly recommended where there is looser skin or breast tissue.

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