What if my Breasts are Different Sizes?

It is not uncommon for breasts to be slightly different in size. However, this difference may be very obvious (difference of 2 to 3 cup sizes) in some, causing great embarrassment and low self-confidence. Breast asymmetry can be corrected with breast augmentation.

There are a number of options that may involve the use of different sized implants with or without nipple repositioning on one or both sides. Implants can be inserted into the smaller breast to match the other, or both breasts may be augmented (with different sized implants) to achieve symmetry. The options are discussed in detail before selecting the ideal technique or combination of procedures that will help you achieve your aesthetic goals. It may require more than one operation to get good symmetry. Although correction is possible, it is important to note that even after surgery, the breasts will most likely not be entirely identical. Naturally, no two breasts are identical, but I will make all efforts to ensure your breasts look as natural as possible.

Along with the correction of asymmetry, the procedure may also involve the correction of breast droop.

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