Understanding The Options

If you have chosen to proceed with the operation of breast augmentation, there are various decisions that you and your surgeon must make. Your surgeon will discuss these with you and make recommendations based on their experience and your particular needs. Take your time to consider the options before deciding on a procedure. Clear up any questions before your surgery is scheduled.

These are certain questions you can consider asking your doctor:

Can I Have Any Shape and Size of Implant?

In general, and within reason, you can have any shape or size, but there are some women who will have limitations on what they can have. If the skin is overly tight or if it’s necessary to go under the muscle and it’s very tight, or if there is a very short inframammary fold to nipple-areola complex distance, then size may be limited to avoid the double bubble appearance. If the skin is overly loose or the breast is overly deflated or droopy after children or weight loss, but not enough to have breast uplift, then shape may be limited to the teardrop look.

How We Work?

At your first consultation, once I have established what look and size you want, I will examine your breasts and take measurements to determine how best to give you the look and size you want. Click to know more.

Is My Age a Problem?

Age is usually not a problem; however, in the younger woman, the skin, breast tissue and muscle may be tighter in this group, affecting the size increase that may be possible.

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