On day 3, you may remove the binder and cotton wool at home, followed by the sports bra and strapping under a warm shower, again at home on day 6, and then come and see me.

The sports bra needs to be worn for another 5 weeks, night and day, but may be removed to shower or to wash the bra.

You can return to your activities at a slow, gradual pace. You may be back to work as soon as five to seven days after surgery and may begin light exercise in a week or so.

During this first 6 weeks, you may walk and ride the static bicycle, but should avoid spin classes, gym, swimming, Pilates or Yoga, jogging, contact sport, horse riding or martial arts. Lifting and strenuous moving may be restricted for several weeks or longer. Follow the golden rule – "If it hurts, don’t do it".

After your review at 6 weeks you may gym, swim, Pilates and Yoga but jogging, contact sport, horse riding and martial arts need to wait 12 weeks.

Further follow-up

I will review you at 12 weeks and again at 6 and 12 months and then 2, 5 and 10 years. An ultrasound is done at 5 years and an MRI at 10 years. If all is well, then 2 to 3 yearly reviews with MRI is performed. A discussion will be had at 10 years regarding removal and replacement of your implants.

Breast Health

After breast augmentation, new breast health baselines must be established by you and your doctor. Breasts with implants feel different during breast self-examinations and professional examinations and look different on a mammogram.

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