Breast Examination

Breast Self-Examination

You should resume normal breast examination at three months after surgery. This is one suggested routine you may care to follow. The best time for your breast self-examination is a week after your menstrual cycle begins.

Look in the mirror with your arms raised and then lowered, hands on your hips. Turn from side to side, checking for dimples, lumps and discharge from the nipple.

Mentally divide your breast into several sections, and use the same pattern for every examination.
Using the soft pads of your middle fingers, feel your breasts in a circular motion.

Feel for lumps while lying down or standing up, using three degrees of pressure – light, medium, and then firm – without lifting your fingers from the breast. Lotion makes breast examinations lying down easy, and soapy water helps when you’re showering.

Professional Examination

In addition to your monthly breast self-examinations you should have a professional breast examination by a surgeon of family practitioner on a yearly basis. Inform any doctor who examines your breasts that you have had a breast augmentation.

If you are in the habit of having regular mammograms, it is a sound idea to have a repeat examination about six months after your operation. Surgery will change the radiological architecture of your breasts. A mammogram taken after surgery will serve as a useful comparison for future radiological investigations.

Although every effort has been made to explain the complications there will be complications that may not have been specifically mentioned. A good knowledge of this operation will make the stress of undertaking the operation easier for you to bear.

The decision to proceed with the surgery is made because the advantages of surgery outweigh the potential disadvantages. It is important that you are informed of these risks before the surgery.

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